My Trip to Atlanta GA to Dine at the Old Lady Gang, a Fine Southern Eatery

People from all over America are flocking to the OLG to taste the fine cuisine, and everyone also has high hopes of meeting owner Kandi Burruss when they get there, Kandi is not only a restaurateur, she is also an award-winning songwriter, and singer, and currently most famous for being a cast member on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I began my journey by leaving my home at 3:30 in the morning to catch my flight from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta. I arrived early in the morning at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a big and technologically advanced airport. I felt like I was in a Resident Evil movie while trying to find my way out, and the “plane train” made my journey feel very Resident Evil. I would have taken pictures of this train and it’s dimly lit pathway if I weren’t holding on to a safety bar for dear life. LOL. This indoors train helps everyone get from terminal to terminal, as the airport is very big and busy.

Rather than hang out at the airport I decided to take a taxi to OLG right away so I could spend my time exploring it’s surroundings. My advice, try using an Uber instead. Taxis charge a flat rate to certain areas and you will end up paying more money than traveling by Uber, my opinion from my own experience. My driver was running the meter and as soon as we got close to my destination he shut the meter off and said that I would be paying a flat rate, which was a lot more money.

I got to OLG a few hours before they actually opened. People were walking in and out and getting the restaurant ready for the day. The door was unlocked so I walked in and asked what time they opened. A man smiled at me from behind the bar, as I told him that I just flew in from Fort Lauderdale to eat at the OLG and I wanted to make sure that I could get in, being that I know how long the wait could be, he told me not to worry and that I would be taken care of, with his sincere smile and words of confidence, I believed him. So, while waiting for the restaurant to open I decided to explore the area. I will be posting video and pictures on my YouTube channel “IncogNEATO!” I was close to the downtown area which was closely visible, but too far to walk on foot, at least for me. While walking around I discovered the “No Mas! Hacienda and Cantina” restaurant, it’s a big and beautiful looking restaurant. When I get back to Atlanta, I will be eating there. They were open in the morning, so I presume they must serve breakfast. I was also drawn to a business that was painted purple, only to discover it was “The Glam Shop”! Beautiful inside from what I saw when someone opened the door. With my next trip to Atlanta I will be going inside.

With some time left before the OLG opened, I went back and sat on a bench in front of the restaurant. I met a young man that came in from Alabama and chatted with him for a bit, and then proceeded to watch videos on my cellular phone. It didn’t take long for people to start showing up and a line to start forming. 12:00 p.m. finally came and I was the first person in. Yes! I sat down and had every intention of taking my time so I could savor every minute. The smooth R&B music, the atmosphere, the people. I was facing the bar, so I began to gaze upon all the various different bottles of spirits, and then I was served the complimentary OLG corn bread. The cornbread was so tasty! Perfect texture and level of sweetness, and moist! My waitress was very friendly and attentive. I ordered the “Atlanta Mule” as my beverage of choice, and the crab cakes for my first taste of the OLG cuisine. Both were delicious! I must say, I brought my own hot sauce into the restaurant and sprinkled it all over my second crab cake. Delicious! No tea and absolutely no shade to the delicious remoulade sauce that comes with the crab cakes, but “Psychopomp” hot sauce is the hot sauce with superior flavor and I couldn’t resist trying it with the OLG’s fine cuisine. Go to “” to find out more. Being that I didn’t know how soon I would be able to come back, it was a little difficult making up my mind for the entrée. I wished they made a sampler platter for the long distance traveler, like myself. One of everything please! LOL. My waitress mentioned the grilled lamb lollipops, I’ve never eaten lamb before, but I took my chance and I was amazed! Meaty and flavorful, no gamey taste or smell at all, some people say that lamb can be “gamey”, so I was always hesitant to try it. OLG does lamb right! I had the macaroni and cheese that came with it’s own layer of baked cheese on top, and the turkey collard greens were so fresh and delicious! I was feeling stuffed, but as soon as my waitress offered the banana pudding, I said…YES! I was so happy that she mentioned it and reminded me. After all that I ate I still would have flown home upset because I forgot to try the OLG’s banana pudding. Yes Gawwwd! The banana pudding has a delicious and mysterious texture that is a cross between bread pudding and a custard with cake, it has fresh banana slices and whipped cream on top. Because of the fresh banana slices it makes me feel better to view it as a health food. LOL. I’ve never tasted banana pudding like that before. The ladies sitting next to me dined on the chicken and I couldn’t help but ask if it was flavorful, and they said YES. They flew in from Texas, and after finishing their meal they swiftly called an Uber to take them to “Tags”, a clothing boutique in which Kandi Burruss also owns that is not far from the restaurant. One of the employees actually stopped and thanked me for coming in and expressed that he knew how long I waited to come in. The executive chef came by and thanked me for coming in and asked if the food was up to my satisfaction. I said, YES! Everything is so wonderful! All of the employees at the restaurant are so enthusiastic and eager for every customer to be happy with their OLG experience. I can tell you that being a visitor in Atlanta and not knowing a soul in the restaurant I still felt like I was amongst friends. Locals and people from all over America sitting together and breaking bread and just sharing good vibes. That is the OLG experience.

When I was finished I used my Uber application on my cellular phone and requested an Uber to take me back to the airport. I had a very friendly driver and we had a fun chat, and it cost me a lot less than the taxi did that took me to the OLG. On my way to the airport we passed “Magic City”. I wish I could have taken a picture. You may want to “Google” Magic City to get more of an idea of what they have to offer, I can tell you that it’s a “prime adult entertainment venue”. Woo Hoo!

So now I want to thank Kandi and her husband Todd, I know Todd worked hard on getting the restaurant built and opened, and rest in peace to his mother, “Mama Sharon”. And I must thank Aunt Nora, Mama Joyce and Aunt Bertha for being the ultimate inspiration of this fine establishment. Get your “foodgasm” on and get to this restaurant! You won’t be disappointed!

Kandi, if this is only the soft opening, what’s going to happen during the grand opening? Everything you touch turns to gold. Thank God your establishment has a lot of room. Stay blessed and stay prosperous! Your fans are plenty and we all support your endeavors. Cheers! Clink Clink Clink! <– Glasses clinking.







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