Janet Jackson is Getting Ready to “Snap Back!”

“Miss Jackson,” because I’m NASTY, posted a video to her fans on her official website and social media accounts letting us all know that she is separated from her husband, and they are in court and the rest is in God’s hands. Janet thanks God for her baby and says he is so healthy, beautiful, sweet and so loving.

Janet is continuing her tour as promised that started and was also postponed in 2015. The once “Unbreakable World Tour” is now the “State of the World Tour,” in which she says has nothing to do with politics. It’s about people, the world, relationships and just love. She thanked all of her fans for our patience and support over the years.

Janet also mentioned that she has put on quite a few since she had her baby, and her brother Randy quickly quips, “more than a few,” in which she smiles and asks her brother to please be quiet. LOL. The mysterious two-day countdown on Janet’s official website was worth the wait. Her tour will resume on September 7th.

Janet has returned to juicing, cleansing, eating lean proteins and vegetables, and working with a trainer. Studies show that each time we regain weight after losing weight, we gain even more. Doctors say that yo-yo dieting is not healthy. But, Janet seems to be in total control of when she gains and loses weight and never seems phased by it.

Janet’s first experience with gaining a lot of weight and losing it, as far as I know, is when she was going to do a film

with Lee Daniels. Janet says they wanted to see her in a different light, as a heavier woman. Due to the timing she wasn’t able to do the film because she was finishing her album. Then, she found herself having to get the weight off quicker than she had planned.

She put the weight on by eating whatever she wanted, and then after some time, she would look in the mirror and not recognize herself, and she did feel the physical difference when getting around became tougher and her ankles started bothering her and her rings wouldn’t fit, etc. After climbing to 180 pounds she starting working with a nutritionist and over four months with a plateau in between, she was able to get all the weight off that she needed. She watched her portions, ate healthy food regularly, about 4 or 5 times a day and started working out. She says sleep is also important, and she avoided processed food, white sugar and white flour, alcohol, sodas, and she drank about 2-3 liters of water a day. She basically ate breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. All basically consisting of lean proteins, good carbohydrates and vegetables.

This time around Janet is going to melt off her baby weight and I know we all can’t wait to see her on stage. She already looks so happy. She is still so beautiful and with watching her video, it was so good to hear her voice, and I have to say that her mannerisms and voice remind me of her brother Michael, and I really wish he was here to be an uncle to baby Eissa. But, I believe we can all agree that uncle Michael is watching over baby Eissa.

I must say…watching Miss Janet “snap back” once again is so very motivating. I can’t have a personal cook or personal nutritionist or personal trainer yet, but I can muster up the motivation that Janet gives me to do the best I can with what I’ve got. So, let’s see that if by September I could get in tip-top shape so that when I go to her concert she can pull me on stage so I can “break it down” with her. LOL. Okay well, me getting off my couch is a positive start, and then I finally need to look for that available electrical outlet on one of my walls for my treadmill. I may not end up as perfect as Janet, but I can still be the best “me” that I can be. See you in September Miss Jackson!!!


Special mentions:

Thank you to slimmingsolutions.com, and thank you to Janet Jackson for her amazing video that reached out to us and showed us that she cares.


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