Untimely Death of Chris Cornell

As we all know by now, Chris Cornell was found in his hotel room on the bathroom floor with an exercise band around his neck. The Medical Examiner has completed the autopsy and the cause of death has been determined to be a suicide by hanging. A full autopsy report has not yet been completed. The former lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave died at the age of 52 and is sadly missed.

More information is coming in and it’s just making everyone more suspicious of his death and the manner of, in my opinion. All over the internet people are bringing up conspiracy theories that include, Chris and Prince both dying after performing at a Fox Theater, the last song that Chris played at his last show, in which a fan says wasn’t on the set list, and people keep bringing up his song “Black Hole Sun.” Other people try to sound more sensible when they say that Cornell’s lyrics always sounded sad and maybe that is who he really was inside, some people wonder if he used drugs again and felt out of control and couldn’t handle it, and someone made a good point of saying that with Chris being on tour he just put himself back in a stressful situation and around things and people that he should not have surrounded himself with. The king of all questions on people’s minds is, if he sought help before, why didn’t he seek it again?

Some fans who attended Cornell’s last show mentioned that he didn’t smile once during the whole show, and that he played his guitar slower, sounding a little bit behind the rest of the band. However, they said it was a great show. Chris even tweeted, “Finally back to Rock City” before the show. He seemed in good spirits. Did something happen that we don’t know about or are still not allowed to know? This situation doesn’t make sense to most fans and they still can’t believe that Chris would kill himself. His wife certainly doesn’t believe it. She says they were making future plans. Chris even flew home to spend Mother’s Day with his wife and children before flying back out to resume his tour. Seemed totally in control. After the concert, Cornell’s bodyguard gave Chris two Ativan pills, which is used for anxiety. A fan commented that Ativan is a weak drug. Is that why Chris needed two? Did he always take two? Forty five minutes later, Cornell’s wife called the bodyguard to check on Cornell because he was slurring his words and saying that he is tired. I presume Cornell and his wife had a phone conversation and that she was not on the premises. He tells his wife that he may have taken another one or two Ativan. Cornell’s bodyguard had to knock down the hotel door to get in and found Cornell on the floor. A fan did question, why didn’t the guard give CPR while waiting for the ambulance? A 911 operator could have given the bodyguard directions. But, we weren’t there and we really don’t know the circumstances. Another question is, if Cornell was given two Ativan after the concert, why was he so different during the show? At this time, Cornell’s wife is blaming the Ativan and says that Cornell did not intend to kill himself. It’s possible that is true, but it could also be possible that Cornell had deeper emotional issues going on than we know of.

I always saw Chris Cornell as a highly intelligent person, level headed with leadership qualities, sensible, and extremely talented and gifted. He seemed like a great husband and father. But, he was a recovering addict, which has it’s lifetime battles. He had been recovered for a long time. His Ativan was prescribed, and according to what I’ve read, OxyContin was the problem for him, along with alcohol, not Ativan.

As the information keeps coming in, I will try to update this post. However, just like the death of Prince, Chris Cornell’s death is just as suspicious to most of his fans.


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