Her Lips are Moving

How do you know when a liar is lying? Well really, I just wish some people would put their money where their mouth is. I’ve watch several interviews of a woman I admire very much and I’m starting to doubt her sincerity.

Written by ME: Copyright 2017  All lyrics are recorded with the Library of Congress of the United States of America.

Now that you have enjoyed years of the good life,
do you ever think about those you left behind?
Those men and women, those boys and girls
not lucky enough to live in your new world.
You keep up appearances as if you’re the leader
of their fight.
But really your just another star having her makeup done
for the after party at midnight.

Telling your life story and little half-truths,
while you were never really a victim,
were you?
You were always privileged
in the land you ran away from.
There was always a hand to carry you
when you got too tired to run.

Was it your beauty or was it God
that brought you to this place?
Chance or luck that keeps you
always ahead one pace?
Exactly what makes you so special
and you think you can speak for me?
When you’re worth millions of dollars
and your people still go hungry?

While we are still oppressed
and I take a look around.
I see so much beauty
that has never been found.
Why don’t you come
and take a sister’s hand?
Take her out of this hell
and bring to your promised land.
When was the last time
you saw your mother land?

You exist in a world where
everyone knows your name.
Give someone else a chance
to experience riches and fame.
You may have been at the
right place at the right time,
but don’t ever call us your people,
because you left us forgotten and far behind.





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