I had a disturbing dream. Sometimes it feels like I’m seeing the future, sometimes it feels like I am remembering the past and other times it feels like Stephen King has crawled into my brain for the night. My dreams can tend to feel very real, I can feel the grass underneath my feet and wake up smiling, I can feel my Grandfather holding my hand when I am sick just like he used to when he was alive. It all feels very real. To explain this strange dream I decided to write it in a manner as if someone is speaking to you after the fact. What I got from the dream is in the future America and it’s ally countries had to make a very difficult decision. I understand that this story may be too deep for some of you. I think I have been reading too much about Kim Jong-Un. No more news programs before bed.

Written by ME: Copyright 2017  This story is recorded with the Library of Congress of the United States of America.


One day it happened. After many secret and closed-door meetings by our government and it’s allies without our knowledge, we woke up in different time zones all at the same time. Some just woke up from their sleep and some had a rude awakening. We discovered that someone made a difficult choice, not one person of course, but a string of governments around our globe had made an agreement that they thought would better the world. They felt that if they didn’t do it now, then waiting around would cause us all to lose our lives. They didn’t want to be the bad guys, but how will the good guys survive if evil continues to fester, reign and spread? There was no time or permission granted to warn our family and friends, we knew nothing about this agreement. So there was no way to warn our families back in the old countries, or our pen pals. No time to warn our friends or family or innocent people over seas in the enemy countries. No time to warn anyone away on business or on exotic vacations. No time to preserve artifacts, foliage or history or take final photos. No time to put two of every animal on a boat built by one man. All the allies made a decision that they felt would be for the betterment of the world as a whole. If you believe it, God once flooded the earth to get rid of the riff-raff and to let us start over again. God created the rainbow so that when we see it, it will remind us that he would never flood the earth again. However, the final end is supposed to happen with fire, so this decision that was made may have already been written. It’s not like there aren’t people who have been sitting around waiting for the end of the world. They always speak of these wars and rumors of wars, but wars have been happening forever, so how could we know? The opposing countries have been on fire for centuries whether literally or metaphorically. War, famine and oppression have taken the place of the so-called debauchery that was found in Sodom and Gomorrah. It was much worse now I would say. The allies made the decision to abolish all of the problems in the world, so the allies and their people could finally live in peace. No more threats against us, our land or way of life. No more fear or being threatened by or battling the opposition. No more boots on the ground. No more war games of comparing who’s missiles are bigger, clearly the allies’ missiles were bigger and the trick was striking all enemy countries first, all at once. No more trying to feed and free the world. We will free the opposition from themselves, many countries, they were living horribly, mostly because their governments were horrible, not always their citizens. We woke up to find that we now have to remap the entire world. It’s like the entire world moved without the land moving an inch. Along with the ally agreement it’s citizens have to agree that no trace of the opposition’s beliefs or harsh ways of life or harsh treatment of others big and small will exist in our own countries. Certain foreign colonies in our ally countries will be abolished. Citizens must agree to live as peaceful citizens and the root cultures and beliefs of the ally countries will be restored along with new laws put into place. Any evil remnants of the enemy countries will be abolished from the ally countries if they cause harm or can cause a re-creation of what was destroyed. No more games. It was either them or us. No more enemies within will exist or flourish in the ally countries. This was the only way that they could give the world a new beginning before it was too late. If the earth is the ark, a last chance saloon in the middle of the wild west in outer space, then the last chance saloon has been saved. We are already surrounded by dead planets, they didn’t want earth to be one of them. Somehow we were given a gift. Every part of the globe has a unique and perfect habitat, food and animals for company. We were supposed to cherish the earth and take care of each other, and now this is what it has come to. Don’t blame the governments, we have to blame ourselves. If we were civil enough to help each other and not be power-hungry in the first place, we wouldn’t need governments and governments wouldn’t exist to keep using the hell out of us. So now it began, a new world. I hope that after the mourning and shock we find that we really can learn to be happy and live in this new world. I hope you were lucky enough to be on the allies’ “good list.” You didn’t think they had it in them did you?





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