No Room At The Inn

Appropriately titled. I was talking with a friend about relationships and could not offer a lot of advice because I have purposely been out of the dating game for over seven years and luckily I don’t remember much. LOL. After her discussing with me the many clues that let’s someone know that the other person has no real room in their lives for you, I remembered something and then I started remembering other things. Uuuugh!

I prefer to be single. I have no stress of worrying about someone else’s expectations of me, nor do I have the stress with the expectations of finding the ideal Mr. Right. My time is mine and I feel completely secure. Of course it would be great to have someone offer to take out the garbage, get the car fixed or pay a bill or even to discuss in the evening how our day’s went. But, it’s just not worth the hassle of dating, which feels like the job interviewing process, and then working so hard to keep a relationship exciting. It’s just not for me…for now.

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Instacart Chat

I really like Instacart. It’s the app that let’s us order groceries online and have them delivered right to our doors. I have the app on my phone. I can order groceries on my lunch time and set the delivery for when I’ll reach home. So much nicer than lugging groceries up the four floors of my condo building. Not to mention the long trek from my car to the elevator. Up and down, Up and down, because I can only handle a little at a time.

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