Janet Jackson is Getting Ready to “Snap Back!”

“Miss Jackson,” because I’m NASTY,¬†posted a video to her fans on her official website and social media accounts¬†letting us all know that she is separated from her husband, and they are in court and the rest is in God’s hands. Janet thanks God for her baby and says he is so healthy, beautiful, sweet and so loving.

Janet is continuing her tour as promised that started and was also postponed in 2015. The once “Unbreakable World Tour” is now the “State of the World Tour,” in which she says has nothing to do with politics. It’s about people, the world, relationships and just love. She thanked all of her fans for our patience and support over the years.

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Mary J. Blige is the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Does My Lyric Express That?

One morning I was reading articles about Mary J. Blige’s current divorce dilemma, and I also read articles and watched video interviews about her life and her thoughts and opinions, and then I started listening to her music. I was feeling her pain, but I was also recognizing her strength and talent. How dare any man try to take her for everything that she has. Coming from where she came from and building herself into the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul” has nothing to do with Kendu. So, starting from a poem and then turned into a lyric, this is my gift to Mary J. Blige. Now, if only she knew I existed. LOL!

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My Trip to Atlanta GA to Dine at the Old Lady Gang, a Fine Southern Eatery

People from all over America are flocking to the OLG to taste the fine cuisine, and everyone also has high hopes of meeting owner Kandi Burruss when they get there, Kandi is not only a restaurateur, she is also an award-winning songwriter, and singer, and currently most famous for being a cast member on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I began my journey by leaving my home at 3:30 in the morning to catch my flight from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta. I arrived early in the morning at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a big and technologically advanced airport. I felt like I was in a Resident Evil movie while trying to find my way out, and the “plane train” made my journey feel very Resident Evil. I would have taken pictures of this train and it’s dimly lit pathway if I weren’t holding on to a safety bar for dear life. LOL. This indoors train helps everyone get from terminal to terminal, as the airport is very big and busy.

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May I Introduce Myself?


My name is Jeneva Nefertari Jones. I’ve come to share, ” light bulb moments.”

Although we all follow many different paths, we all still share the same journey.

I invite you to follow me on my path through beauty, bullshit and spontaneous combustion.



Jeneva Nefertari Jones is a lyricist and poet. Internet writer, YouTube content creator, raunchy comedian and LOVER OF FREE SPEECH.