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I had a disturbing dream. Sometimes it feels like I’m seeing the future, sometimes it feels like I am remembering the past and other times it feels like Stephen King has crawled into my brain for the night. My dreams can tend to feel very real, I can feel the grass underneath my feet and wake up smiling, I can feel my Grandfather holding my hand when I am sick just like he used to when he was alive. It all feels very real. To explain this strange dream I decided to write it in a manner as if someone is speaking to you after the fact. What I got from the dream is in the future America and it’s ally countries had to make a very difficult decision. I understand that this story may be too deep for some of you. I think I have been reading too much about Kim Jong-Un. No more news programs before bed.

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“Time Machine” Bring Me To Where I Want To Be, So I Can Be With Thee.

I don’t have many words to say about this song. It’s emotional. Maybe it could use a rewrite, but that is where a good co writer should come in. I mean, you can count on me to chop down a good walking path through the forest so we can get to the other side, but if you want to take the scenic route, then you need to carve out your own path. LOL.
Just sayin’.

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