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I Shouldn’t Love You (But I Do)

I have no idea why I’m listening to love songs again. Now, I’m writing them again. I’m happily single, so I must somehow enjoy living vicariously through these songs. Better to be alone and safe than sorry. LOL. Maybe it’s time to bring romantic music back.

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Love in the 21st Century

I like singing this in a sultry, jazzy and Broadway type of style, helps the message taste a little sweeter and makes it a little more digestible. If opposites attract, then these two people are totally made out of magnet and steel. This piece does make me giggle though. These are trying times and love must survive for life to move on.

Written by ME: Copyright 2017  All lyrics are recorded with the Library of Congress of the United States of America.


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Letter from Nash Vegas

When I wrote this song, the message felt strong. I just wonder who had to write this type of letter to someone they loved because they had to let go so they could find themselves. Good luck to everyone trying to “make it.” Whether you are outside of America or in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Kansas City, St. Louis, New Orleans or the beautiful Nash Vegas…keep pressing on. Let the whole world know you exist. Your music will speak to someone.

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“Time Machine” Bring Me To Where I Want To Be, So I Can Be With Thee.

I don’t have many words to say about this song. It’s emotional. Maybe it could use a rewrite, but that is where a good co writer should come in. I mean, you can count on me to chop down a good walking path through the forest so we can get to the other side, but if you want to take the scenic route, then you need to carve out your own path. LOL.
Just sayin’.

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“Take Me Home,” I Know You’ve Always Loved Me, I Was Just Stupid.

Have you ever experienced being close friends with someone that wants to be more than a friend, but you just don’t see the potential for something more or you are afraid of ruining the friendship? Even though they are always there for you, you still keep going back or staying with someone else who doesn’t deserve you. Well, I wrote about it. If I could go back to high school and make different decisions. If I only knew then what I know now, things would be so much different. Or would they?

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