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Flowers in the Gardens

An Ode to Margaret Higgins Sanger. Do some research, find the truth.

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Save Our Souls

Nothing to say except, why can’t cell phone cords last more than a month? Apple needs to do better. They can put a man on the moon…but they can lead a horse to water and can’t make him drink. Whatever. I’m tired.


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Love in the 21st Century

I like singing this in a sultry, jazzy and Broadway type of style, helps the message taste a little sweeter and makes it a little more digestible. If opposites attract, then these two people are totally made out of magnet and steel. This piece does make me giggle though. These are trying times and love must survive for life to move on.

Written by ME: Copyright 2017  All lyrics are recorded with the Library of Congress of the United States of America.


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